Monday, April 24, 2006

toyota cars

toyota cars
Toyota cars is at the heart of global maufacturing, a company that has grown within 70 years to become the worlds third largest vehicle manufacturer. As it addresses the challenges of the 21st century, toyota cars continues to lead the world in terms of developing and realising new transport and production solutions while respecting and protecting the global environment.
Toyota cars is a truly global business, building vehicles in factories on six continents around the world and directly employing more than a quarter of a million people. Its products are sold in 160 markets worldwide.
The Toyota cars Production system is a pioneering approach to efficient manufacturing, has provided a template for the industry.
The United Kingdom is a a key market for Toyota cars both in terms of sales and manufacturing. As part of its wider European strategy, the company has established two production of toyota cars centres here: a vehicle plant at Burnaston, near Derby, and an engine factory at Deeside, in North Wales. Burnaston is the sole production centre for the New Toyota cars like Avensis, launched in the Spring of 2003. It also builds three and five door versions of the Toyota cars like Corolla.